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Encore Metals has been supplying specialty steels to Western Canada and the United States since 1892. Our lineage can be traced back to strong affiliations with British and European steel makers. Initially, the company stocked mining and tool steels to support the timber and natural resource industries. We are specialist suppliers of high grade steel and metal, including carbon and alloy machinery steels, an extensive range of stainless steels, including duplex grades, nickel alloys, iron bar, aluminum and bronze.


125th Anniversary

Encore Metal's 125th Anniversary

With roots dating back to 1892, Encore Metals has not only seen but been a major player in the growth and development of the metals service center industry in Canada.

Although a lot has changed over the years, our mission remains to provide superior service and the highest quality products to our customers.

Thank you to our customers, employees and suppliers for 125 great years!

Schulich Off-Road
Dune Buggy 1
Dune Buggy 2

Encore Calgary Partners with U of C Engineering Department at the 2017 SAE BAJA Competition

Encore Calgary was proud to sponsor the University of Calgary Engineering department’s entry into the 2017 SAE BAJA competition. Students were responsible for designing, building and racing an off-road vehicle. The Society of Automotive Engineers organized the event that 140 teams competed from around the world. The competition presents teams with the challenge of designing, planning and manufacturing, a reliable recreational vehicle.

The U of C Engineering students built their Baja buggy from limited parts, and from material provided to them from Encore Metals. 1026 tubing was used to create the frame and roll cage, as well as suspension components. 8620 material was machined and heat treated to create high strength gears for the gearbox. A 10hp Brigs & Stratton engine powers the buggy through a continual velocity transmission (CVT) to the students gear box, made from 6061 aluminum plates. This was machined to create a lightweight gearbox housing that was used to connect the CVT transmission to the drive wheels. Students bent tubing to create a custom designed H arm suspension system. This unique design allows the wheel to maintain a straight camber while enabling it to lift and roll over objects.

Students were creative in their use of material that reduced weight and maintained strength. Using a 3D printer, they were able to print their design and check for clearance before they machined the gearbox out of aluminum.

This year’s event was held at the Caterpillar testing grounds in Peoria IL. Caterpillar created a track that tested all teams’ cars through a series of challenges. There was an acceleration, hill climb, maneuverability and Rock Crawl event. Teams were also awarded points based on cost, design, and use of materials.

Encore Metals was proud to help out the future engineers of tomorrow.